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Meeting CD’s
Anyone can purchase a CD of a past speaker for $5.00 each at the back table at any of the Upstate CREIA’s monthly meetings, in case you missed those meetings, or want to hear them again.  Click Here for an order form with the most current list of CDs we offer and bring the order form to the next meeting to order.

The following is a list of what CDs are currently available:

  • Vol. 1 Real Estate Chi & the Art of Negotiation–David Addick
  • Vol. 2 Section 8 & Community Redevelopment       A Panel Discussion: Selena McCall, Alan Landreth, Donald Rhodes, & Martin Livingston
  • Vol. 3 Wholesale/Flipping: How it works & How it can work for you – Jason Dillard
  • Vol. 4 Increasing Deal Flow, Creating Opportunity & Problem Resolution – Michael Amos
  • Vol. 5 Tax & Accounting Strategies for RE Investors – Roger    Clinkscales      Bonus: QuickBooks & Real Estate – Luann Keller
  • Vol. 6 Self Directed IRA’s to Fund RE Investments – Dyches Boddiford       Bonus: Intermediary IRA Handling – Jim Hitt
  • Vol. 7 Secrets of Making Money with Tax Liens & Deeds – Ted Thomas
  • Vol. 8 Selecting Tenants: Tips & Tricks of the Information Industry – Mark Waters
  • Vol. 9 How to Develop Investment Property Using Modular Homes – Jim Hitt     Bonus: How to get a Loan – Wendy Sweet.    Plus: Meth Labs & Your Property – Stephen Perron
  • Vol. 10 Real Estate Fraud! Be smart, Be on the Right side of the line – David Gantt     Bonus: RE Legislation – Can we protect our livelihood?
  • Vol. 11 Do’s & Don’ts, Mostly Don’ts on RE Investing       A Panel Discussion: Bill Clark, Jason Dillard, David Gantt, & Dave Smythe
  • Vol. 12 Vacation Resort Properties – John Maltry
  • Vol. 13 Advanced Wholesaling – Progressive Success Approach – Jason Dillard
  • Vol. 14 Save 50%-70% on Rehab Costs – Pete Young
  • Vol. 15 All You Ever Wanted to Know about Evictions and More – Judge Charlie Garrett & Constable John Kay       Bonus: Avoiding Fraud – Bill Clark
  • Vol. 16 Sophisticated Financing        A Panel Discussion: Nick Williams, Wendy Sweet, Shawn Garrison & Greg Burgess
  • Vol. 17 Real Estate 101: Getting Started in Real Estate Investing – Joe Gibson
  • Vol. 18 How to Find More Great Deals Then You Can Handle – Vena Jones-Cox
  • Vol. 19 Creating a Win-Win-Win Deal – David Pitts
  • Vol. 20 Understanding Real Estate Trends – Bruce Norris
  • Vol. 21 To Rent or Not To Rent       A Panel Discussion: Bill Clark, Carl Curry, & John Keller
  • Vol. 22 Foreclosure – Judge Charles B. Simmons Jr.
  • Vol. 23 Short Sale Panel      A Panel Discussion: Gregg Branham, Dave Smythe, Bruce Bachtel, & Chad Carson
  • Vol. 24 Diversified Real Estate VS. Securities – Steve Rix  Bonus: Using Websites with your Real Estate Business – Liz Talmadge
  • Vol. 25 The Weekend Millionaire® – Mike Summey
  • Vol. 26 Real Estate Tax Tips – Brandon Smith    Bonus: Is it a deal? Or should you run away? – Rick Stroud
  • Vol. 27 Investing in Pre-Construction     A Panel Discussion: Skip Miller, Steve Tacher, Ty Bourquin, & Nick Williams
  • Vol. 28 50 Ways to Loose Your Shirt in Real Estate – John Bechtel          Bonus: How to Read Your Credit Report – Nick Williams
  • Vol. 29 Deal or No Deal: Autopsy of a Real Estate Deal    A Panel Discussion: Joe Gibson, Rick Stroud & Bill Clark
  • Vol. 30 Deliberate Real Estate Success: “The Tau of Almond Roca” – Greg Pinneo
  • Vol. 31 Three Prong Process to Building a Real Estate Empire – Lou Castillo
  • Vol. 32 The Seven Elements of Success – John Maltry
  • Vol. 33 The Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine – Larry Goins
  • Vol. 34 Land Development – Ty Bourquin & Ted Tackett
  • Vol. 35 Keeping It Real – David Pitts
  • Vol. 36 UCREIA Vendor Panel – Carruth, Mayhew, Shultz, & Sturgeon
  • Vol. 37 Funding Real Estate Investments With Your Retirement Account – Jim Hitt, Mary Kate Bourquin, & Jason Dillard
  • Vol. 39 Builder to Investor System – Nick Williams
  • Vol. 40 Lease Options & Legislation – Ashely Smith, Nick Sabatine, & Bruce Berger
  • Vol. 41 The Great Trip of Life – Leon Humphrey
  • Vol. 42 Acquisition, Finance, Negotiation & Life – Greg Pinneo
  • Vol. 43 FHA – The New Sub-prime – Williams, Kirwan, & Bill Clark
  • Vol. 44 Build A House – One Stop Shop – Kroening, Moore, & Shaw
  • Vol. 45 Short Sales – Don DeRosa
  • Vol. 46 Keys to Winning in Today’s Real Estate Market – Jonathan Patton
  • Vol. 47 Credit Repair – Carrie Grube-Lybarker
  • Vol. 48 Note Buying – Donna Bauer
  • Vol. 49 Low Initial Loans, Section 8 Ownership, Purchase & Rehab thru SC State Housing & Greenville County Redevelopment Programs – Spurlock & Livingston

Click Here to download the order form for CDs we offer and bring the order form to the next meeting to order.

Note: Not all speakers allow us to record their programs so we will not have CDs of EVERY monthly meeting. So plan to attend the meetings that are important to you so you don’t miss it!

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