Special Report: “New” Way to Balloon Your IRA, HSA, Roth, Sep, 401k, etc


From Norm Reid, President of UpstateCREIA

Fellow Investors,
The headline reads it’s New…But It’s actually NOT New…It’s just that the tens of thousands of real estate investors around the country had never thought of this approach.  But its been used for years by the uber-rich and been ‘signed off on” as totally legit…by the powers that be!
It’s an entire change in the way of thinking and investing, using IRA funds.
You may be one of the investors who needs to read this Special Report!
1. If you are or plan to invest your own IRA money into real estate
2. If you are or plan to use other peoples IRA money to invest with
3. If you are a seasoned pro at using IRA funds to invest.
4. If you need a great source of private money for your deals.
If any of these is you, please do youself a favor and read this Special Report by John Hyre
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