What You Will Learn From Two Days with Dyches


What You Will Learn From Two Days with Dyches:

-Land Trust &  Personal Property Trust Basics
-Relationship of Players
-Picking a Trustee
-Trust Stacking strategies
-Maintaining Privacy
-Strategic use of Co-Trustees
-Who REALLY holds title and Why
-Trustee and fiduciary issues
-Deeds into Land Trust (the 3 approaches)
-Successor/Contingent Beneficiaries
-Adding Estate Planning to Trusts
-Changing Trustees…PROPERLY!
-Transfer, Property & Income Taxes
– When a trust owes taxes — Complex & Simple Trusts
-Extending a Trust
-Terminating a Trust
-Merger issues
-Amending the Trust
-Avoiding Partition
-Using Land Trusts in a 1031 Exchange
-Statute of Uses
-Liability issues
-Avoiding Litigation
-Dealing with multiple owners
-Types of beneficiaries
-The importance of Beneficiary Agreements
-Grantor & non-Grantor Trusts & why it makes a difference
-Concepts of Legal & Equitable title and why they are important
-Proper use of Directors
-Step-by- Step Transactions involving Land Trusts
-Funding the Land Trust properly
-How to avoid revealing the Trust documents
-Land Trusts & the Due-on- Sale clause—the real story
-Financing a property in a Land Trust
-Avoiding Probate
-Interesting & powerful clauses and variations

You’ll have your hands full by the end of this event and be fully qualified to start using trusts in the proper and most advantageous manner possible.

On August 26 & 27, 2017, Dyches Boddiford will present a 2 day Seminar in Greenville on Using Trusts in Your Real Estate Business. Read More an register for this event at:

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