A Thousand Years of Case History


A Thousand Years of Case History

Trusts have been used as an entity to hold assets, such as real estate for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Obviously, it’s old stuff. But, with each generation’s trials and tribulations, trusts evolve to meet new challenges.

High Taxes and aggressive litigation are today’s motivators. A result of this attack is a defense system is critical. Trusts are used by some investors as a key part of their defense against ever increasing taxes and litigation.

Dyches Boddiford will discuss Trusts and this entire ‘defense system’ when he comes to Greenville Monday night August 21 for the UpstateCREIA general meeting, Guests welcome, And he will be back to present a 2 day seminar on August 26 and 27, also in Greenville. See for additional details

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