George Antone  “Wealth Code”


George Antone  “Wealth Code”

Most investors pick investments and investment financing structures totally wrong, which is why many investors end up accepting lower passive income and higher risk deals…unbeknownst to them.

Anyone who follows proven investing strategies can make money in real estate.  However, the top-teir investors look at passive income deals completely differently than most investors.

If you would like to learn how to quit using factors like interest rates and ROIs to determine your most profitable and safest ‘spread’ for your passive investments, please join UpstateCREIA as we welcome best-selling author of “The Bankers Code” and “The Wealth Code” books. George Antone.

George is a well known high level investor-strategist who understands the science of deal structuring like no one you’ve ever seen.

Unless you’ve read his books, I guarantee you haven’t heard the science behind deal structuring like this.

Plan to attend UpstateCREIA’s general meeting on Monday September 18 for a very eye-opening meeting.

Embassy Suites Hotel on Verdae, Doors open at 6, meeting starts at 7.

See you then!

Norm Reid

President, UpstateCREIA

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