Dyches Boddiford: How to Use Trusts


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“How Real Estate Investors Can Use Land Trusts & Personal Property Trusts”

On August 26 & 27 2017, Dyches Boddiford, Legendary Investor / Trainer from Atlanta will be here in Greenville holding his 2 day training seminar on Trusts.

Over the coming weeks, we will keep adding Articles, Tools, Video clips and more educational content from Dyches about Trusts and how Real Estate Investors can use these tools to their benefit.

Interested in using a Trust in your Investing? Check out some of this helpful info:

How Land Trusts Can Benefit You

Using Land Trusts to Own Real Estate Part 1

Using Land Trusts to Own Real Estate Part 2

Video Clips


Event Info

Event Registration / Information page

Discounted Hotel Rate Link

August 26/27 Seminar Event Flyer PDF

Video Testimonials from previous seminar attendees

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