Debt on Income Properties


For those of you who are a lot more interested in long-term wealth and income than in quick cash from flips, it might be good to consider these facts that most investors overlook…

If you are currently or considering buying income properties with:
-Private Money
-Hard Money
-Conventional Financing
-IRA funds
-Or any other source of funds other than your own….


1. What’s the maximum % of the value of the property you should carry ‘debt’ on?
2. If you do take on this kind of ‘debt’ for deals what sort of payment-reserves should you have in place before taking on debt?
3. Should you ever use debt for a down payment?
4. Should you unload debt-ridden property in a down-turn?
5. What problems might you encounter when using 100% financing?
6. When are deals with higher interest rate debt, often better long term?
7. How & when does inflation and appreciation factor in on properties with debt?
9. Are there Pros & Cons to debt-free investing?

Our speaker Monday night, for the September 18 General Meeting is George Antone. George has worked out the ways in which you can most safely, most effectively use private money, hard money, partner money, and even conventional money to juice your returns and wealth.

He’s the bestselling author of The Wealthy Code and the “Bankers Code”, and he’s kind of a “financing genius”.
George will go into great detail about deal structuring and how to approach deal analysis…especially when any sort of debt is involved.
Join us this coming Monday at the Embassy Suites.
Non-members welcome to attend!
Doors open at 6, meeting starts at 7pm.
See you then!
Norm Reid
President, UpstateCREIA

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