Advanced Investors: New Land Trust Strategies


Advanced Investors: New Land Trust Strategies You Don’t Know About

Important investing strategy that can not be sidelined given the state of the market, industry and prevailing government practices. Land Trusts. As a seasoned investor, you no doubt have used or at least herd of investors using Land or Personal Property trusts for various purposes.

Well, for dozens of years, a group of super savvy investors have been using Trusts in some very strategic and creative ways. Ways which have already proven out as winners in plenty of case law examples.

It’s likely you’ve never even heard of these advanced strategies, even if you’ve studied Trusts at length.

I want to compel you to attend our August 21 General Meeting, where Dyches Boddiford (the undisputed authority on trusts) will be our main speaker and will present for 90 minutes. As you may be aware, he’ll also be here in town for a two seminar later in the month, but you at least need to come to the general meeting. The information he will present on Trusts is more critical than ever and I personally guarantee you’ll be happy you canceled what ever else you were doing that night and attend this meeting.

If you’re a UpstateCREIA member, or a Guest, the admission is free. But it’s a first come first serve seating. Doors open at 6pm.

Hope to see you there!
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Norm Reid
President, UpstateCREIA

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