2 Day Workshop on Advanced Deal-Structuring With George Antone


2 Day Workshop on Advanced Deal-Structuring With George Antone

Lesson 1 From George:
The “Big Picture of Investing”

Every deal you do fits into one of 3 columns;
1. Appreication
2. Cashflow
3. Cash Influx
Every time you do a deal figure out which column it belongs in.
===>The Appreciation column is for building your equity that eventually gets moved into the cash flow column. This column is where most of your real wealth comes from.
===>The Cash Flow column is where your passive incomes from.
===>The Cash Flux column might be deals or transactions with one-time income. Deals where you get paid only once…like Flips or wholesaling.
To many investors are stuck in the Influx column, which is basically a job, and not enough investors have the right balance of deals.
Use Cash flow deals to pay expenses, use influx deals and excess cash from cash flow deals to acquire more cash flow assets. Harvest equity from appreciation deals to generate more flow from your cash flow deals…
Here’s the bottom line folks…
To many investors are broke and tired, or stuck on a plateau and many are simply Not living the dream they set out for.
A big part of this is caused by a lack of understanding on how true wealth is derived. And with Real Estate investing, true wealth comes from properly structuring deals and having them flow through these columns to strategically create the wealth you desire.
On October 21 & 22, George Antone will be back in Greenville, SC for a 2 day seminar on How to Structure Deals and How to Structure Your Investing Business so Your Generating Wealth Using the Same Formulas as the top 1% of investors in the country.
We had over 50 people sign up the night George spoke to our general meeting earlier this month…Don’t miss out on what your fellow investors will be learning during this 2 day event.
See to register.
Hope to see you there.
Norm Reid
Investor & President, UpstateCREIA

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