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RSVP now for our 1st Annual UCREIA Christmas Party on Monday, December 18, 2017, from 6-9 pm at Embassy Suites, with fabulous food, cash bar, contests, prizes and fantastic networking opportunities. We need an accurate headcount for the caterer, so everyone who RSVP’s before December 12 will be entered into a drawing for a special prize!

We will be holding a Silent Auction to benefit United Housing Connections during our Christmas Party. We are currently seeking auction items (tools, rehab items, gifts, restaurant certificates, staging items, homemade cakes, seminar courses, weekend getaways, etc.). Email us now if interested in donating item(s) for the silent auction. Deadline for committing to donate items is December 12- physical items can be brought anytime up to December 18!

We are holding a Deals Contest for the Best Deal, Worst Deal, Most Creative Deal, and Best Deal by a New Investor. Cash prizes will be awarded for winners in each category! Audience will vote! Should be fun! Watch email for applications.

Our key volunteers will be recognized. We can’t do it without you!

Don’t wait! RSVP now and mark your calendars for this fun and festive social event!

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Rescheduled Beginner Seminar

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The workshop, “Is this a Deal?”, has been postponed from Sat, Sept 24, to Sat, Oct 22.

We hope this new date works for you!!


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Want a simple way to accurately determine and catalog the info about a prospective property?

See template from Ron Legrand below. TEMPLATE

READ MORE….April 9 2016, Ron Legrand Seminar in Greenville SC

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We’re having mega investor Ron Legrand in town for an all day Training session here in Greenville, April 9, 2016.

In advance of this, here’s a training video on Seller Financing for those of you who need to get boned up on the topic.

Register / Read More About the April 9th Event


Register / Read More About the April 9th Event

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Non-Performing Note Sales Now Outnumber Foreclosure Sales The Note Business is now the hottest topic in all of real estate and for good reason.

The “paper” side of the real estate industry is seeing amazing growth:

• The inventory of Non-performing and under performing notes are at all time highs

• Lenders are realizing that it is more beneficial for them to sell the note rather than go through the time and cost of a foreclosure and property resale.

• Government entities Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and now HUD and FHA have switched their focus from foreclosures and REO properties to selling the notes because it helps the consumer and housing market much more efficiently Evidence of a market shift from REO and foreclosure sales to note sales are popping up everywhere. For example, Michael Bull, host of the popular “Commercial Real Estate Radio Show” recently interviewed Charlie Brake of Hartman Simons (Atlanta based Commercial Real Estate Law Firm), who said this:

During his appearance, Brake noted that when faced with non-performing loans, lenders often prefer to sell the note rather than go through the foreclosure process for a variety of practical and financial reasons.

Selling a note often is a quicker process than foreclosure for a lender, and it also enables a lender to avoid paying insurance and real estate taxes on a foreclosed property, he said. Furthermore, “by selling the notes, [the lenders] don’t get in the chain of title, so they don’t have to worry about any environmental issues or any other sort of issues that might arise from being in the chain of title.”

In a press conference last month, Carol Galante, FHA’s acting commissioner, announced the launch of the Distressed Asset Stabilization Program. This program scheduled to launch in September will allow lenders to place some of their non-performing notes into mortgage pools, which will be sold to investors on the open market.

In addition to saying that “this program will be cost-effective for the FHA, it will be better for communities as well”, she also said this:

“Currently, FHA’s inventory of REO properties available for sale is at its lowest level since FY 2009. At the same time, the inventory of seriously delinquent loans is near an all time high. With many neighborhoods still fighting to recover from the housing crisis, going upstream will allow us to help more borrowers before they go through foreclosure and their homes ever come into the REO portfolio.”

Clearly FHA will be selling more notes than REO properties. Shaun Donovan, HUD Secretary, who said the following at the same press conference, drove this same point home:

“With this program, we will increase by as much as ten times the number of loans available for purchase while making it easier for borrowers to avoid foreclosure. Finding ways to bring these loans out of default not only helps the borrower, but helps the entire neighborhood avoid the disinvestment and decline in value that accompanies a distressed property.”

The trend of buying / selling ‘Notes’ is increasingly becoming more mainstream, although many investors have known about this often lucrative strategy for years.

We’ll try to post additional information on this topic, as the market for notes heats up

**Content Taken from an industry leader in this space, “The Note School”


Our official ‘Dodd/Frank’ Librarian, Board Member Kathy Malcom has added 7 documents from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to our Dodd/Frank page.

See them here, if you want to read the latest on these regulations.

Read More

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Table Rock Hike & Family BBQ

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Join Upstate CREIA Members and Guests for our Fall BBQ Social & Trail Hike at Table Rock State Park…Saturday, October 13, 2012

If you are a member of Upstate CREIA or a member of Upstate CREIA Yahoo Groups, we welcome you to join in on the fun. Gregg Branham, local investor, avid hiker, outdoors man and Boy Scout Leader will direct the festivities. Read More

There Will be 3 Separate Activities Taking Place:

1. Advanced Hike (Table Rock Trail)

2. Easy Hike (Carrick Creek Trail)

3. BBQ Lunch at 1:00 pm

See Details Here

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New Vendor Directory for Your Mobile Device!

At UpstateCREIA, we have the privilege of having a good selection of vendors who serve the needs of real estate investors. And although as a non-profit association, we can’t officially endorse any vendor (it’s up to you to do your own due diligence) we see vendors and members working together on deals all the time.

To help make contact with these vendors easier on-the-go, we’ve created a mobile-device-ready directory page on our site so you can easily access these vendors when needed.

To Save this to Your Mobile Device:

Step 1: From your smart phone or mobile device open the “Mobile Device” link. (link also found on the home page, right side column under VENDOR Directory)

Step 2: Save the page in your browser ‘favorites’

Step 3: Scroll through the directory to find the vendor you wish to contact.

Step 4: Click/Touch the phone number or email address and your device will automatically contact this person

Step 5: Now any time you want to browse the vendor list from your mobile device, you can go to your ‘favorites’ page!


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Saturday Workshop on Wholesaling

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Saturday Workshop-
Read More

Norm Reid here….President of Upstate CREIA…

Listen…If you’re a real estate investor or work
with investors on any level…Here’s something you
need to take a quick look at:

It’s absolutely critical for you to understand
the detailed ins & outs of wholesaling real estate
deals whether you’re a wholesaler or not, even if
you’re a vendor or realtor.

Here’s Why:

FIRST===>If you’re an investor, even if you don’t
wholesale deals now and don’t want
too…inevitably you come across properties that
you would normally “pass” on or just don’t want.

…Well, Instead of just ‘giving’ them away or
trashing them…There are dozens of people on this
list who would gladly pay you $5,000 or more just
for getting the deal under contract.

Why throw $5k away? Your “trash” is someone elses

SECOND===>If you’re already a wholesaler and have
done anything less than 600 wholesale deals, you
could probably learn a thing or two from our
trainer on Saturday, Vena Jones-Cox, who’s done
over 600 deals, including 30 so far this year!

THIRD===>If you’re a realtor or other service
provider to investors…this training session will
do your business wonders…

…Because if you understand the ‘insiders
information’ on the business premise that makes
real estate investors the most money the
fastest,(wholesaling) you’ll give your business a
HUGE Competitive-Advantage over all of your

It comes down to knowing who your customer is.
Frankly, investors like to deal with people who
understand the investing business. So when you
have a better grasp on this business, you’ll sell
more and get a lot more business from investors on
this list and elsewhere.


FINALLY===> Let me wrap this up…

Upstate CREIA, periodically has full day Saturday
training sessions.

And this Saturday, March 31, from 9-5, you’ll
have the opportunity to learn ADVANCED Wholesaling
Techniques from a National Pro, Vena Jones-Cox,
big-time investor from Cincinnati!

Come do yourself and your business some good and
hang out with a group of Upstate CREIA members &
learn some Advanced Wholesaling Strategies from
master wholesaler…Vena Jones-Cox.

Register & See the Agenda at:
Read More

See ya Saturday!

Norm Reid
2012 President, Upstate CREIA


==If you’re a pro…you’ll pick up some tips!

==If you’re a newbie…cancel any other plans you
may have and do this instead!

==If you’re a service provider…don’t miss this
opportunity to understand our business better!
(heck, you may even want to wholesale some deals
once you see the $$ we’re talking about)

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Foreclosure Investing in 2012: “How to Turn UGLY Houses into Fast Cash” 

Upstate Carolina Real Estate Investors Association welcomes National Investor & Trainer, Robyn Thompson to Kick off 2012!

Attend our January Meeting to hear Robyn speak and while you’re there, mingle with hundreds of other investors around the Upstate beginning at 6:30 pm, January 16, 2012.


1. How she buys properties in this economy 

2. Where she finds the good deals

3. How she gets them rehabbed without doing any of the work 

4. And…How she’s selling these houses fast for terrific profits

About Robyn Thompson:

Robyn is the nation’s leading expert on buying properties at deep discounts, renovating them at lightning speed and selling them quickly for huge chunks of cash. She  has shared her knowledge with thousands of real estate investors, and actively does 2-4 deals every month herself.

If you’re serious about real estate investing and want to kick off the new year with good solid content from a real pro, come join Upstate CREIA for our January 16 general meeting and hear National Trainer Robyn Thompson!


Please Fill in the Box Below & We’ll Send You the 2 Free Tickets…Thank you 


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