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2 Day Work Shop on Advanced Deal Structuring W/ George Antone

Lesson 2:
As you know, master financier and mega private money lender George Antone will be back in Greenville teaching some very exciting strategies on higher-margin, lower-risk investing strategies to guide us to our desired result.
Here’s another lesson he’ll be expanding on when he comes:
How Much Should You ‘Give Up’ in exchange for someone who puts up the down payment on a deal?
ANSWER: The best formula is not to use debt for the down-payment at all, as your returns drastically and exponentially go up and your risk exponentially drops.
BUT…If you do or you must:
Step 1: Calculate your cash-on-cash return for the down payment amount
Step 2: For Equity financing, give up 50% or less
Step 3: For debt financing, borrow money at a lower rate (preferbally 50% or less) than the cash-on-cash return.
Many investors make the critical mistake of not calculating the effect the down payment has on a deal. It can be staggering, and it can make or break you.
Problem is, you may not feel the affects of it until a few years down the road, when you’r scratching your head trying to figure out what went wrong.
Don’t follow in the footsteps that many investors unknowingly make because they don’t run these numbers.  Be precise and KNOW EXACTLY what the best rout for structuring the money in a deal.
George Antone will be here in Greenville, SC  on October 21 & 22 for 2 full days of training. Read more at;
See you there!
Norm Reid
Investor & President, UpstateCREIA
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2 Day Workshop on Advanced Deal-Structuring With George Antone

Lesson 1 From George:
The “Big Picture of Investing”

Every deal you do fits into one of 3 columns;
1. Appreication
2. Cashflow
3. Cash Influx
Every time you do a deal figure out which column it belongs in.
===>The Appreciation column is for building your equity that eventually gets moved into the cash flow column. This column is where most of your real wealth comes from.
===>The Cash Flow column is where your passive incomes from.
===>The Cash Flux column might be deals or transactions with one-time income. Deals where you get paid only once…like Flips or wholesaling.
To many investors are stuck in the Influx column, which is basically a job, and not enough investors have the right balance of deals.
Use Cash flow deals to pay expenses, use influx deals and excess cash from cash flow deals to acquire more cash flow assets. Harvest equity from appreciation deals to generate more flow from your cash flow deals…
Here’s the bottom line folks…
To many investors are broke and tired, or stuck on a plateau and many are simply Not living the dream they set out for.
A big part of this is caused by a lack of understanding on how true wealth is derived. And with Real Estate investing, true wealth comes from properly structuring deals and having them flow through these columns to strategically create the wealth you desire.
On October 21 & 22, George Antone will be back in Greenville, SC for a 2 day seminar on How to Structure Deals and How to Structure Your Investing Business so Your Generating Wealth Using the Same Formulas as the top 1% of investors in the country.
We had over 50 people sign up the night George spoke to our general meeting earlier this month…Don’t miss out on what your fellow investors will be learning during this 2 day event.
See to register.
Hope to see you there.
Norm Reid
Investor & President, UpstateCREIA
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Debt on Income Properties

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For those of you who are a lot more interested in long-term wealth and income than in quick cash from flips, it might be good to consider these facts that most investors overlook…

If you are currently or considering buying income properties with:
-Private Money
-Hard Money
-Conventional Financing
-IRA funds
-Or any other source of funds other than your own….


1. What’s the maximum % of the value of the property you should carry ‘debt’ on?
2. If you do take on this kind of ‘debt’ for deals what sort of payment-reserves should you have in place before taking on debt?
3. Should you ever use debt for a down payment?
4. Should you unload debt-ridden property in a down-turn?
5. What problems might you encounter when using 100% financing?
6. When are deals with higher interest rate debt, often better long term?
7. How & when does inflation and appreciation factor in on properties with debt?
9. Are there Pros & Cons to debt-free investing?

Our speaker Monday night, for the September 18 General Meeting is George Antone. George has worked out the ways in which you can most safely, most effectively use private money, hard money, partner money, and even conventional money to juice your returns and wealth.

He’s the bestselling author of The Wealthy Code and the “Bankers Code”, and he’s kind of a “financing genius”.
George will go into great detail about deal structuring and how to approach deal analysis…especially when any sort of debt is involved.
Join us this coming Monday at the Embassy Suites.
Non-members welcome to attend!
Doors open at 6, meeting starts at 7pm.
See you then!
Norm Reid
President, UpstateCREIA
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What if the numbers you use in your investing formula calculations
weren’t the best numbers to use as the deciding factor in your deals?

We all use, Price, ARV, rehab costs, expenses, income then maybe use
that to determine NOI, ROI, maybe we factor in interest on the money,
maybe we extrapolate cape rate or cash-on-cash return to determine the
best deals.

But what would happen if we took this same deal and showed the facts
and numbers to Warren Buffett, or some other high-finance investor?

They wouldn’t use any of those numbers I just mentioned to base their
investment decision on…They would extrapolate an entirely different
number out of this cocktail of figures. A number that is almost never
talked about in “run-of-the-mill” investing circles we’re all used to.
And that’s probably because most of don’t invest on the level of
Warren Buffett or the Wall Street Hedge fund guys. In fact, I’d wager
that most real estate investors here have never even heard of this

On Monday night, UpstateCREIA will host Best Selling Author and
high-volume investor, George Antone, who over the course of the
evening, will detail the science behind all of these numbers and
reveal the importance of this entirely new number that is a much
better gauge to use in our deal analysis. One that will prove itself
to bring more profitability, security and steady returns than the way
you’re probably used to right now.

Be sure to join us Monday Night, September 18, at the  Embassy Suites
on Verdae, Doors open at 6, meeting starts at 7.

See you there.

Norm Reid
President, UpstateCREIA

P.S. Bring a pad to take some notes, you’ll need it!

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From Norm Reid, President of UpstateCREIA

Fellow Investors,
The headline reads it’s New…But It’s actually NOT New…It’s just that the tens of thousands of real estate investors around the country had never thought of this approach.  But its been used for years by the uber-rich and been ‘signed off on” as totally legit…by the powers that be!
It’s an entire change in the way of thinking and investing, using IRA funds.
You may be one of the investors who needs to read this Special Report!
1. If you are or plan to invest your own IRA money into real estate
2. If you are or plan to use other peoples IRA money to invest with
3. If you are a seasoned pro at using IRA funds to invest.
4. If you need a great source of private money for your deals.
If any of these is you, please do youself a favor and read this Special Report by John Hyre
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4 mill Retirement Plan

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In my discussion the other day with attorney John Hyre, he sent me a couple of documents outlining how many of his clients are seeing terrific results from a well devised strategy of flipping one retail house p/year inside your IRA, Roth, HSA or other similar account.
Pretty slick, and not just theory, but actual proven case studies from all over the country. The math will astound you.
Take a look at the 2 page word docc detailing it and the corresponding Excel docc showing you the math on this.
If you like the sound of having a healthy $4mil in your retirement account..might want to check this out.

Case Study Explanation and Spreadsheet:

John Hyre Tax Free vs Taxable Example

Flip & Lend chart

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Teleseminar with John Hyre this Thursday night at 8pm Eastern
Register at:

Listen…I was talking to a friend of mine and fellow investor..He’s 60+ and wondering if it still makes sense for him to bother setting up a self-directed IRA from scratch at his age?

Great Question!

I’ll get John Hyre to answer this question in detail on Thursday night!
As well as other IRA investing questions on, Who should be using IRAs, when, what types of deals and who is this NOT right for.

Join me for this no charge Tele-Seminar coming up on Thursday evening at 8pm Eastern.

You do not have to be a dues paying UpstateCREIA member to attend, 

Go here to register:

See you then!

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 See Call in Details Below!!

John Hyre Tele-Seminar Interview

Join UpstateCREIA president, and veteran interviewer Norm Reid as he interviews mega investor, tax attorney and CPA John Hyre on Thursday April 27 at 8 pm Eastern.

John gave an Excellent, very well received presentation on Monday night at our general meeting. This Thursday night, I’ll interview him by phone conference for more than an hour!

You can listen in…it won’t cost you a dime!

Here’s What the Focus of the Call Will be on:

“Who Should Be Using IRA Money to Invest in Real Estate”
“When does it make sense to Use IRA funds and when Not”
“By the Numbers…Case study examples for Wholesalers; Flippers & Landlords”


When: Thursday, April 27, 2017

Time: 8:00 pm Eastern

Duration: 90 min

Call in Numbers:(425) 440-5010
Pin Code: 190611#

Also, you can listen live online

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Its’s not every day you get to ask questions to a nationally sought-after tax attorney who charges $400 p/hour for tax advice. 

Monday night, at our UpstateCREIA general meeting, you’ll get to do just that.
John Hyre is not only a tax attorney, he’s a CPA and if that’s not enough, he’s a seasoned long time real estate investor as well. Who better to get tax advice from than someone who holds all three of the distinctions.
Come hear John provide tax wisdom, specifically geared towards investors and get your questions ready for him to answer.
Whether you need some last minute tax advice before you file this year, or you’ve always had some burning questions about investor related write-offs, entity structuring, IRAs or other, he’s eminently qualified to answer them.
Additionally, John is an expert on all-things IRS related…which means he’s extremely well versed on maters involving investing in your Retirement Accounts and he has successfully litigated against the IRS in matters of IRA investing.
Join us and many other fellow real estate investors on Monday night, April 17 for John Hyre! Read More about his talking points at:
Where: Embassy Suites on Verdae
Time: Doors open at 6, Meeting starts at 7
Duration: 9pm
Who can attend: Anyone
See you there!
Norm Reid 
President, Upstate Carolina Real Estate Investors Association
P.S. Don’t stereotype John into your typical boring attorney/CPA presenter who will put you to sleep….John is funny, edgy and may even offend some people, as he does not always follow “politically correct” standards 
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John Hyre to speak at Upstate Carolina Real Estate Investor Association on Monday April 17, 2017
Here are some of the topics he’ll cover:
-What we see in tax audits and why we win
-How to prepare for an audit and sleep well
-The number one reason  investors lose audits and what to do about it
-What does it mean to be “aggressive” with taxes and why it pays
-How to pay for k-12 + collegiate education tax free
-Self directed IRAs…the best tax break out there…except for one other
-How one investor retired with 50 free & clear rentals in his Roth
-How to pay for medical tourism tax-free
-Choice of entity 101 (S-Corps, C-Corps, LLCs, Land Trusts)
I’ve known John for years, you definitely do NOT want to miss this!
See you Monday, April 17….Embassy Suites on Verdae.
(You do not have to be a dues paying member to attend!)
Doors open at 6, meeting starts at 7 pm. John will speak for 90 minutes
Norm Reid-
President, UpstateCREIA
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