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How To Balloon Your Real Estate IRA accounts To Astronomical New Heights…New Revelations Point the Way!

“Well Known Investors Around the Country are Growing Their Retirement Accounts to Huge, Never Seen Before, Levals…and John, Many of his Friends and Legal Clients are Riding the Trend as Well!”

The legal ability to invest your Retirement Fund accounts into real estate investments has been around since the 70s’, but a few years ago, the power of IRA investing got front page news when it was discovered that, then presidential candidate Mitt Romney, had an IRA account worth over 100 Million dollars!!

How is this even possible, when the typical cap on contributions is only $5k p/year.

There are creative and very strategic ways to exponentially grow your IRA, well above your contribution limits and even skyrocket your way past the typical norms you hear local investors talk about in their own successes. 

Tax Attorney, John Hyre, our speaker from Monday nights meeting, is highly versed in the fast-track growth strategies that have allowed mega investors to have accounts like Mitt Romney did, and how even local investors have stocked piled over 50 free and clear rentals in their IRA portfolio in just a few short years!

John will present a 2 day Seminar on “Fast-Tracking Your IRA (and other retirement type accounts) To New Heights. May 20 and 21, right here in Greenville.

On the flip-side…”Prohibited transactions” are the Governments #1 Way to Bust IRAs.  And John, more than anyone knows the IRS strategies because he’s successfully fought the IRS in tax court on multiple occasions…and Won!

If you’re already well studied on the topic of IRA investing, you’ll know the detriment of prohibited-transactions. Don’t make the same mistake many other (well educated and well intentioned) investors are making right now with IRA investments. 

If you’re totally new to the “investing in real estate using IRA money”, Know this: You can invest your IRA, Roth, Sep, 401k, Cover-dale Education Account, HSA and other similar special tax treatment accounts into real estate deals. Doing flips, rentals, notes, wholesaling and many other investment classes.

John Hyre is a brilliant investor and a VERY accomplished tax attorney who’s legal practice deals solely with real estate investing issues. And…He’s also an investor himself!

Weather you have a million dollars in an IRA type account or if you’ve never even set one up…You can benefit greatly from the tax-free nature of these types of accounts. BUT, you have to know the ropes, because mistakes are VERY costly. John Hyre is the most qualified mentor on this topic!

John will present a 2 day Seminar on “Fast-Tracking Your IRA (and other retirement type accounts) To New Heights. May 20 and 21, right here in Greenville, SC.

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Tele-Seminar With John Hyre REPLAY

Norm Reid

Join veteran Tele-Seminar Interviewer and UpstateCREIA President Norm Reid as he interviews Tax Attorney John Hyre on some very specific Self-Directed IRA questions…

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Case Study Explanation and Spreadsheet Discussed during the Call

John Hyre Tax Free vs Taxable Example

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John Hyre Articles & Case Study Documents
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John Hyre Tax Free vs Taxable Example

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