Next General Meeting Monday August 21  with Dyches Boddiford

Legendary Master-Investor and Purveyor of Land Trusts will be our main speaker on August 21, 2017. 

There are many different kinds of trusts designed to accomplish specific results.  For the real estate investor, the Land Trust can provide great benefits, if used properly.  The casual use of the Land Trust has come back to bite several Real Estate Investors… simply because they were not educated on their proper use.  Should you be using Land Trusts?  How about Personal Property Trusts?  If so, when and how?  Is the Land Trust the be-all and end-all entity for asset protection?  When does the Land Trust file an Income Tax Return?  Dyches Boddiford will discuss the practical, legal and tax aspects of Land Trusts and other kinds of trusts—what they really do for you and what they will not do.  For some this may well be a reality check!  You need to hear how investors are using trusts.

Join us as we welcome Dyches Boddiford to the August General Meeting.
Monday August 21, 2017 at the Embassy Suites in Greenville SC. Guests welcome.Doors open at 6pm. Meeting starts at 7pm.


Two-Day Seminar “How to Use Land Trusts & Personal Property Trusts… PROPERLY!”

2 Day Seminar with Dyches Boddiford on August 26 & 27, 2017

Legendary Investor & Real Estate Investing Trainer Dyches Boddiford will be back in Greenville, SC for a 2 day event that every serious investor should plan on attending.  The use of Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts in real estate investing have long been a vital piece of the investing strategy for many. As times, markets and investing strategies change, keeping pace with when you should and should not uses trusts is very important. 

Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts are not suitable for every deal or property, but they often prove VERY VERY valuable in many investing situations. 

Dyches Boddiford is the undisputed leading authority on using Trusts, and even if you are well versed in the use of trusts, there is always new and relevant information on the use of this valuable tool.

We have a special page set up where we will post articles, video clips, resources and other relevant information about  Trusts as well as event info. See More Here

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