Next General Meeting is November 2o, 2017

2 Day Workshop October 21 & 22, Greenville, SC

What if the Numbers You’ve Always Used For Deal Analysis Didn’t Give You the Best Financial Picture?

We all use, Price, ARV, rehab costs, expenses, income then maybe use
that to determine NOI, ROI, maybe we factor in interest on the money,
maybe we extrapolate cape rate or cash-on-cash return to determine the
best deals.

But what would happen if we took this same deal and showed the facts
and numbers to Warren Buffett, or some other high-finance investor?

They wouldn’t use any of these numbers to base their
investment decision on…They would extrapolate an entirely different
number out of this cocktail of figures. A number that is almost never
talked about in “run-of-the-mill” investing circles we’re all used to.
And that’s probably because most of don’t invest on the level of
Warren Buffett or the Wall Street Hedge fund guys. In fact, I’d wager
that most real estate investors here have never even heard of this

On Monday night, UpstateCREIA had Best Selling Author and
high-volume investor, George Antone, detailed the science behind all of these numbers and
revealed the importance of this entirely new number that is a much
better gauge to use in our deal analysis. One that will prove itself
to bring more profitability, security and steady returns than the way
you’re probably used to right now.

If you missed him, you have one more chance to see him LIVE here in Greenville…He’s coming back to do a 2 day experiential workshop in which he’ll go into extreme detail on structuring deals for better passive income while protecting the down-side.

October 21 & 22, Greenville SC
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See you there.

Norm Reid
President, UpstateCREIA

P.S. Bring a pad to take some notes, you’ll need it!

2 Day Workshop With George Antone
October 21 & 22, 2017 Greenville, SC

George Antone

The ‘Wealth Code’How to Structure Deals for PASSIVE Wealth Like The Top 1% of Investors

September General Meeting Speaker:
 George Antone,  author of 3 best-selling books The Wealthy Code, The Banker’s Code, and The Debt Millionaire. George is an award-winning educator, financier, investor, and an entrepreneur. He is the creator of the largest network of private money lenders in the world;
and the go-to person that the big players turn to for help in structuring their larger deals.
Get yourself and your partners, friends, family, and anyone else that you want to be influenced
to think bigger. At this 2 day event….George will share:

• The most closely guarded strategies of the TOP 1% of investors in the world.
• How to STRUCTURE your real estate investments to MINIMIZE risk and maximize upside.
• How to QUANTIFY risk and return, and how to adjust both METRICS to make deals work 
• What key MISTAKES to avoid in order to earn CONSISTENT and dependable passive income.
• Develop massive CONFIDENCE in your deals by structuring them with perfect precision 
• How to live a dream LIFESTYLE with less work and less stress but more money and more

If you’re serious about building passive income while minimizing risk; and you’ve been looking
for a serious discussion of how that works, this is it. Make sure you’re there to!

2 Day Workshop With George Antone
October 21 & 22, 2017 Greenville, SC

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 Dyches Boddiford Delivered!

Legendary Investor & Real Estate Investing Trainer Dyches Boddiford gave a content-rich seminar this weekend that was attended by dozens of investors from all over the region! 

Dyches Boddiford is the undisputed leading authority on using Land Trusts as part of your real estate investing strategy, and if you were unable to make the event, it would serve all investors well to still connect with Dyches and his team for continued learning on this topic and others. Dyches’ website is www.Assets101.com

The articles that we posted on our site from Dyches are still at there for now and will later appear in our article archive. Read Articles From Dyches Boddiford on Land Trusts

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