General Meeting Monday September 21, 2015

Round table Discussions on 5 Topics…Plus a “Genius-Bar”  where you can ask questions of a couple of the clubs ‘movers & shakers’

We have an exciting round table style meeting this coming Monday, the 21st at Embassy Suites. 5 topics and speakers in small groups. Everyone will hear each speaker for 20 minutes each with some Q&A time. Then each speaker will attend a particular focus group to continue the conversation.

Here’s the line up:
1. Attorney Dick Stewart, UCREIA vendor, will speak on quiet title issues. He will speak at the Professional Focus Group Monday, Sept 28.
2. Chad Carson, UCREIA member, coach/investor, will speak on “less is more” investing style. He will speak at the Oct 8 Rental Focus Group.
3. Stan Gendlin, UCREIA member, wholesaler, will speak on wholesaling marketing concepts. He will speak at the next scheduled DOA morning meeting.
4. Susanne Lueck, UCREIA member, wholesaler, rehabber, will speak on actively participating in rehabs, selecting the right kind of houses, etc. She will speak further at the Women’s Focus Group the next day Sept 22.
5. “Genius Bar Panel” will field rapid fire Q&A on various topics. Adrienne Morgan, UCREIA member, hard money lender, will take questions on hard money lending/borrowing. Steve Ancona, UCREIA member, investor, will take questions on mobile homes. Norm Reid, UCREIA President, investor/rehabber, will take questions on rehabbing, contractors, goal setting. All 3 will attend the Advanced Focus Group Sept 24.

This style gives you the chance to interact with the speakers, ask questions, learn enough to make you want to learn more at the focus groups. The large ballroom set up will look bizarre when you enter, but will make sense when we turn the chairs to make small round groups.

Join us Monday night….See meeting details below.

JOhnSchaub (2)Upstate CREIA was very fortunate to have booked John Schaub to come to Greenville. He only speaks to a few Real Estate clubs a year, so this is your opportunity to come learn from a living legend, right here at home, while he is still giving presentations.

He’s one of the most respected super-advanced investor-trainer in the business and is in an elite group of total-content master trainers such as Dyches Boddiford, Jimmy Napier and Pete Fortunato.

This full-day training was a huge success and very well received by the more than 60 investors who attended.

If you’re a Seasoned Investor and enjoy low-profile, high-content, non-salesy type speaker, John is a good one to learn from.

If you’re a Newer Investor, and you have the desire to expedite your path to higher profits and greater wealth, than you would be well advised to attend anything seminar John  speaks at.

For more information on John Schaub and his upcoming events, see his website at: www.JohnSchaub.com

Want to Be a Real Estate Investor?… Connect With the Largest Group of Active Investors in the Upstate!

Welcome to Upstate Carolina Real Estate Investors Association (Upstate CREIA). We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving real estate investors by providing education and networking opportunities. Join us on the 3rd Monday of every month for one or more topics that are relevant to real estate investing and for an opportunity to network with other investors and vendors.

If you have interest in buying rentals, rehabbing houses, flipping property or just investing for passive profits, we’re the single source in the Upstate SC area where you can come learn, meet other investors and enhance your journey as an investor, regardless of what level investor you currently are or wish to become.

Take some time to dig around our website. Lots of good stuff here. Then be sure to take some time out to come visit one of our monthly meetings. We’d love to have you!

Monthly Meetings
When: On the 3rd Monday of the month
Meeting time: 6pm Coffee & Networking – 7pm Meeting Starts
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel, 670 Verdae Blvd, Greenville SC Driving Directions
Hotel Phone: (864) 676-9090
Cost: FREE for Members and $15 for Guests

Upstate CREIA, Inc. (Carolina Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization with volunteer leadership and therefore does not give legal, tax or financial advice.  Membership is at the sole discretion of the Upstate CREIA Board of Directors.

Upstate CREIA cannot investigate all members and speakers, so each person must do their own due diligence before conducting any business with anyone whether a guest or a member. Upstate CREIA directs you to your own professionals for legal, accounting, tax, and financial advice. Upstate CREIA’s purpose is to stimulate ideas leading you to further investigation. We cannot endorse or investigate anyone’s integrity, teachings, or motives.